Things Are Not As They Seem

I don’t like politics…Yet, I am in a dilemma, because my children and grandchildren have to live here. I want the freedom for them to learn the truth of God and many other things. But the TRUTH is being hidden from them by evil ones. The evil ones dress in a human body, they seem harmless at times, but evil does not want to repel you, it wants to draw you in. It tried to kill you back in the dark ages and that did not work. Now it tries to sweet talk you and hide truth from you so that it can manipulate you. BEWARE.

Things are not as they seem…fire M

Months ago, God revealed to me about the structure of this world…not the physical side…but the spiritual…you might say.

I thought most people would not see this nor understand it. I have recently come to see that there are others who see what I was shown. There are depths that I don’t understand. But I have been amazed recently because…well, I was given that knowledge clearer before I started following “Q”. Now “Q” has been reaffirming many of the things revealed to me.

“Q” is a group of military intelligence, and 3 others. “Q+” is Trump.  Sometimes it directs us to knowledge of things before they happen…and asks questions to get us to research and think for ourselves. It does not teach us…it gets us to think for ourselves… an important thing that most people today have forgotten how to do. Q and many, many of its followers are believers in Jesus. I sometimes participate in the conversations of the followers. Some are off track, some are extremely intelligent, others are in various stages of growing in the Lord. Some are not presently believers in Jesus but want a better way in this life. But we are all learning and encouraging one another. Q states that we must help each other for…”Where we go one, we go all”.

“Q” is NOT necessarily a political thing…although evil politics has been infiltrated into our country and around the world years ago and has taken control with its very malevolent people. “Q” wants us to see this and know that  some are trying to save our country from destruction.

Actually, there were already many who want to worship God as they feel is right and live a normal life, but we didn’t know how to combat those who took over our country. They didn’t take it over through military force. They took our country by infiltration into our politics and every aspect of life. They even infiltrated our churches and seminaries. They begin selling parts of our country to foreign countries. They began to make us sick (and other things) through various ways in order to depopulate, so they can have better control. They HATE (the evil hate) Christians or any who oppose them.

Singing at VBS


The main media was stacked with ungodly leftists that are controlled by the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party was already taken over by the left through the years. It is no longer the party that our parents knew. There is a battle going on through politics and many avenues in our country and throughout the world.

We are in a battle. It is a spiritual battle taken place in a physical realm.



I’m still not well from this virus, but I wanted to share this weird viral journey with you. There is one part that I hope you read with an open mind, as it is very bizarre. I do not understand what happened myself.

It is Friday. Early last week I began to have these strange feelings of almost a lightheadedness, but it wasn’t that.  It was almost like a feeling of going to faint, but it wasn’t that. It was almost a dizziness, but not that. Anyway, it passed, but kept hitting me on and off for a few days. I also noticed my mouth and everywhere on me was drying out. I even got chapped lips, which I rarely get.

I have so much to do and ignored these warnings, as best I could. Last Friday morning I went to the river with my gathering backpack. I had just arrived there and set out on the trail. I picked a handful of eucalyptus leaves, put them in my backpack and walked on. I picked up a couple of nice little rocks to adorn my new herb bed I was planning. That strange feeling of weakness hit me hard and I knew I had to get back to my car. By the time I arrived at the car, I was nauseated. I headed home. When I rested, the nausea left me. That evening I noticed I had a very dry scratchy throat.  Hmmm, I should have been taking echinacea and elderberry syrup…but I had not made any of the syrup. The next morning, I had a full-blown sore throat.  I dragged myself out of bed about 5:30 a.m. and made some elderberry syrup. I was out of sage tincture to gargle with…I was out of a lot of my cold remedies. I rarely get a cold and had just not thought about it. Now, I realized I had been sick for days and did not even recognized it. Life is rich, full and busy. Who has time to be on familiar terms with sickness?

None of this is really strange, yet. Except for the fact that usually I get one day of weird dizziness before coming down with the flu. This time I had several days. I didn’t know it yet, but I was about to experience something totally new. That is, indeed, an interesting statistic because I’ve been around for a while.

I didn’t seem to have a lot of nasal mucus or anything like that. It was just this awful, smarting, sore throat. I did have mucus, but it was entering me with new strategy.

I put on my herbal thinking cap as a war bonnet. I made sore throat and cough syrups and concoctions like one for example: fennel seed, cinnamon, marshmallow root, valerian root etc. But …nothing worked. Always, always my elderberry and echinacea had knocked colds and flu away. Not this time.

I was in full battle mode, but I was losing. The pain was becoming unbearable. I now tried things like cayenne pepper in water as a gargle. It helped the pain for a few minutes at first. I finally had an actual meal with a very hot peppered meat that gave me even more relief…for a few minutes. But my enemy was smart. The evil virus was more intelligent than I could imagine. The pain intensified. Now when I used hot stuff, it burnt my throat worse and I had more pain.

DON’T DO THIS NEXT STEP.  I had not slept for 3 days and I was in terrible pain. In my pantry, I found a willow bark tincture with other pain relievers in it. Well, if one is in their right mind, they know you put a tincture in some water before ingesting it, especially if you have tender, inflamed mucosal flesh in the throat! Not me, I dripped it right on my tongue hoping for immediate relief. I CAN’T BELIVE I WAS THAT STUPID. If I thought I had pain before, now it was doubled. It was like pouring acid down my throat!

I had to try and rest while sitting up or I would choke. Yes, I had mucus dripping down on my tonsils when I laid down which put me in a fit of coughing and re -tore open my throat.

I threw up my hands into the air! None of my herbal stuff was working. How could that happen? I was at war and my ally did not come through. I went and got some water to set by my chair and sipped on it. Wow, that helped! Each time I sipped, it didn’t burn me to the core like everything else. Even soup was like torcher to eat, but the water was my new friend. The reason I had got the water was to give in and take some Tylenol. I NEVER use that stuff, but I had no choice now. It actually gave me an hour or two of sleep.

Now this whole battle had been strange, but what was to happen next was plain weird.

I had been talking about going to the hospital. Me, go to the hospital willingly? If you knew me, you would know I don’t do that sort of thing. I would say I hate doctors, but I actually have a nice friend who is a doctor, so I won’t say that. I do hate hospitals though.

Anyway, back to the story. I must have been in a really deep sleep or something. I was laid back in this big stuffed chair with my head forward. I must have not been able to breathe and woke up choking. I woke up as someone else.  Yeah, you read that right. I promise I don’t take drugs. I never have. All I took was Tylenol. I was confused as to why I was here and fighting to get my breathe. I was caught up and struggling in the blanket and chair. And then in the middle of this mini battle, I was myself again. It was all kind of hard to describe. I can only surmise as to what that is all about. Maybe it was me in a different realm…I really don’t know. I can’t even put it into words…and I like words.

Anyway, I felt something come lose deep inside my throat. I coughed it up, but there was no place to spit it out and I was still in a battle. It was gooey with a solider bumpy surface. As I struggled, I accidentally swallowed it. Rats! Whatever that was, I wanted to see it. Yuck! Whatever it was went down inside of my tummy, but I didn’t get sick to my stomach or anything.

Wow, I felt a bit better. I had come to myself and was no longer whoever that other person was. Hard to explain that situation. It does not fit scripture, common sense or anything. There must be an explanation, but, if I am to know, it will come to me at the right time. I’m not worried about it.

I was still in a lot of pain. Yet, somehow felt I should NOT go to the hospital, as planned, this morning.

I found at that point that frozen stuff felt good on my throat and gave me a little relief for a few minutes. So, instead of chamomile and lemon balm tea, I made popsicles out of it. I needed to help my liver after taking Tylenol so I also juiced some carrots, beets and apples and froze that to eat. I had to do these things a little at a time, as I just didn’t have the energy to do a lot. I did a little something then went to rest and finished it little by little.

No hot or spicy stuff…nothing unusual. Just water and Popsicles for a while.

I am weak from this battle, but getting a little better each day. I am past the popsicles, I think, now.  The pain is getting better, but still there. Last night I took a hot bath and actually went to bed. I slept pretty well, but had to have water every few minutes as my tongue and throat kept drying out. I coughed up a lot of junk from my lungs this morning. I had noticed my chest felt really heavy, but did not realize it was full of stuff. I had just been dealing with the pain in my throat.

I think what I learned was to listen more to my body. I jumped in with my barrels loaded to kill this virus with herbs. And many times, that works, but different viruses may attack differently. Your body is smart, give it credit. Listen to it. I still used some herbs like the chamomile popsicles. Why not eat a regular popsicle? Because they are loaded with sugar and sugar feeds infection. Water is amazing. It may not be an herb, but it has powers of its own.

In conclusion, you can learn something, even from the attack of the evil virus. I learned that God made a very intelligent human body for mankind to live inside. We need to take care of it and then it will help take care of us until God calls us home.






The Name of God

I AM picturre

The name of God consist of four consonants, YHWH. In some places vowels were added to the four consonants and we received the name, “Yahweh”. From what I understand, they took the vowels from the Hebrew word, I Am, combining them to the four consonants and created the word Yahweh. The original Israelites did not speak the name of God out loud. They translated “God” as Adonai in many places in the old scriptures. Adonai means “The Lord”. The more modern translation that was given is “Jehovah”.

In Exodus 3:14 God told Moses to tell the children of Israel that His name was I Am. I Am means the self-existing one.

Now let us look for I Am in the New Testament.

Jesus went by many names: Bread of Life, Good Shepherd, The Door, The Way, The Light, The resurrection, The Life, The Truth, True Vine, and more.

Here is something very interesting…John 8:58 Jesus said, “… before Abraham was, I Am”. Notice the I Am is not in the past tense. Jesus was saying that He was the I Am. In the next verse they take up stones to cast at him, but he went through the midst of them and left. Why did they want to stone him? They did that because he said he was I Am. Only God is I Am. Therefore, Jesus is self-existing. Are we self-existing? No. We can only exist through the power of God. Because Jesus is the I Am, He was able to resurrect from the grave. In one place in the scriptures it says he raised himself, another place says the Spirit raised him and, in another place, it says God raised him. Does that mean the scripture does not agree with itself? No. It agrees. Just like God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit agree as they are One.

Another interesting fact is that I Am is both a verb and a noun. There are many aspects one can derive from that fact.

What does all of this mean? That could be a loaded question, but, for now, let us just realize how great the name of God is as it represents Him. We should show respect for God by not taking His name in vain (This is stated in the Ten Commandments, as well). We should not take His name lightly.  God (I Am) is to be respected above all and in all.

Re hydrate! How?

Life is short! Let’s make being healthier fun and tasty.  Cucumber water

If life is short, why worry about it? Because…If we feel better, we can enjoy and use it better.

I’m going to suggest an idea you may have already seen, but not really put to use yet. I want to encourage you to try it and make it a habit.

Think of something you like that is very juicy. Let me give you some suggestions and you can pick which you like:

Peaches, cucumbers, watermelon, cantaloupe… you get the idea. Even apples and oranges work well. Use your imagination.

In my picture I show cucumbers. These are great re hydrators. Just slice some up and put in a large jar of filtered water. Let it sit in the refrigerator overnight, at least. Then pour a glass of cold cucumber water to enjoy. It is amazingly refreshing! It not only helps you re hydrate, but you get the added benefit of vitamins and minerals that are easy for your body to assimilate.

Also, the water is easier to be absorbed with this method. It hangs around longer in your intestines and your body has time to use it where it is needed. That is what I have read about it. I just know I do better with this and its fun!

I love cold watermelon. Some people use that to put in their water. For me, I don’t like it, as well. So, be the individual you are and find what you like. The more healthy ways you enjoy liquid, the better your body will thank you for it.




You might want to snuggle down with this…

Sinus TeaDo you ever wake up with a stuffy nose and clearing your throat constantly, but you know you don’t have a cold? I did this morning. It’s gone now.

Try some of this tea:

1 teaspoon peppermint leaves

1 teaspoon nettle leaves

1 teaspoon chamomile flowers

Pour some cool water over them, then add some hot water. Don’t make it too hot. Let it steep for a few minutes.

It tastes good and should help clear your sinuses. If you have an infection, that may be another story. Although, it might help with that some too. I don’t usually get sinus infections, so I can’t give testimony to that.

If you drink nettle tea or eat it on a regular basis, it is suppose to help fight those allergies that sometimes get hold of us.

If you think you have a cold, take your elderberry syrup and some echinacea. That should help shorten the cold.

Also, whether you have a cold or not, some ginger juice, lemon juice and honey tea tastes terrific and may help some with that cold. Its a wonderful tea to snuggle down with on a cool evening no matter how you feel!

Make A Simple Mouthwash

It is refreshing, good for you, and doesn’t cost a lot.


One of things that is so neat about making your own mouthwash, is that you can suit it to your needs and liking.

I saved the bottle from when I had Himalayan salt in it. So, the container is free. I made the label in Word on my computer. So the label isn’t expensive.

1/2 cup water–1/4 cup aloe vera gel–1 pk stevia–1 tablespoon sage tincture–1/4 teaspoon calcium powder–5 drops of Peppermint essential oil.

If you want more mouthwash, then just double or triple the recipe. Be careful how much peppermint oil you use though. It can be overwhelming. Also, don’t add too much calcium powder or it will make the mouthwash too gritty.

If you haven’t made any sage tincture, you can use yarrow tincture. You could probably not use any tincture. But I use tincture to help my gums not bleed, as I have a problem with that.

I have a hard time finding time to fit in everything I want and need to do in a day, but this little project does not take much time.