You Need to Check It Out

There are those who say Almighty God can grant you salvation through His Son, but that you have the power to throw it back in His face, when you want to go live in the pig wallow. THAT DOES NOT FIT SCRIPTURE either way you look at it. Let God be true and every man a liar.

Once saved, always saved, does NOT mean you think you can go out and live like the devil. Anyone who thinks that way had better seriously check out their relationship with the Savior. One does NOT receive Him just because you said a prayer. One has to be touched by the Holy Spirit and you will have a contrite and broken heart. You will long to be His and seek His face. You may be so broken you cannot form a prayer on your lips. But God will see your heart and your tears of repentance and your desire to be His.

NOW…there are those who say they belong to our God, but like hogs to the wallow they will return. The Scripture says they are swine and never truly belonged.

The Father made a covenant with us to abide with us…in Christ. God cannot lie and does not break His promises like a man can do.

If we are His, and we fall back into the ways of the flesh, He will deal with us as children. We are His children and He will disciple us, direct us and deal with us, as He sees fit. Earthly fathers discipline their children, so much more does our Heavenly Father. Our earthly fathers may discipline according to the flesh, but our Heavenly Father sees our hearts, knows our minds and how to guide us.

Check your heart. Is it beating? Is it beating for Christ or is it beating to fulfill your fleshly desires? Where will you spend eternity? Have you truly sought His face? There is a veil of darkness all around, but you can walk in the light up the path right into eternity with Him.

Why Was the Ferris Wheel Originally Invented?

What kind of fish tales have we been told concerning our history? I have been trolling the waters of history and many questions are arising. This small side pond I’m exploring is called a ferris wheel. It is, of all the many bodies of water in history to explore, a small one. It may be legit, but I wonder…is it?

The ferris wheel was purportedly invented by a Pittsburgh bridge builder, by the name of, George Washington Gale Ferris Jr. He supposedly introduced this contraption at the World’s Colombian Exposition held in Chicago in 1893. This thing was huge. It was over 200 feet tall.

Who was this inventor of the ferris wheel? Well, I gave you his name. He was said to have built the very first one. Oh…maybe they found it in this magnificent city. Could it have been originally used for something else? Maybe the seats were buckets and it was a giant water wheel. I WAS NOT there, so who knows. I just don’t believe what we have been told. They had to come up with a reason for building it, though. Why not say it was built to be a bigger attraction than what was unveiled at the 1889 World’s Fair in Paris. You know what that was, right? Oh…another World’s Fair. Yep, and another strange structure they found there, the Eiffel Tower. I wonder why it was originally built.

But I digress. Back to our ferris wheel. Did you know the Finnair SkyWheel had a sauna in one of its gondola cabins?

Another interesting fact that I pulled out of this particular pond is that the ferris wheel could rotate backwards. Not sure if that means anything. My question though, “why did you need it to rotate backwards? Well, in any case, the fair goers had a thrilling ride for 10 to 20 minutes reaching up to 264 feet of elevation.

Many new things like the ferris wheel, the zipper, Cracker Jacks, the first voice recording…and more were disclosed at this fair. Were there even more fantastic contraptions that they NEVER revealed? They could not reveal too much or we might get suspicious of the new history they were trying to deceive us with. Could it be that we might even have discovered a past they were trying to hide?

They say it was, “the fair that changed America”. I bet it was. How much of history was changed, I wonder.

It all seems kind of fishy to me!

She Came On a Wagon Train

Remembering Grandparents

My Grandma and Grandpa owned a dairy. I didn’t know them then. My mom and dad lived on the dairy and worked it with them along with several other hands. Mom told me a little about this time period in her life, but not a lot about it. I know my Grandma cooked in large quantities for all the work hands. One thing I do remember is my Grandma Hamilton’s wonderful and abundant cooking habits. When visiting at their home, I would wake in the morning to the wonderful smell of cooking bacon and sausage. Often she would have bucket steak, as well. We usually call that chicken fried steak these days. There were always fresh homemade biscuits and gravy that sat alongside all the variety of deliciously cooked meats. The repast started with oatmeal. Then we dug into the fried eggs, meats and more. Grandma never made us eat what we did not want to eat. It was so good, there were very few times we did not want to eat it. There was just so much there to choose from. No way could we eat everything.

Grandma and Grandpa lived just on the outskirts of town now…no dairy when I remember being there. But I do remember my Great Grandma Kate living next door. We knew her as Granny. She always wore her old fashioned 1800’s bonnet when she came outside. She was in a wheelchair now, though. She came across the United States in a wagon train. It was probably one of the last ones, but she did it! I remember her chewing her tobacco. Actually, it was snuff she put in her cheek. I thought that was strange seeing a woman who did snuff. I had only seen my other Grandpa do that.

Finally, a sad day came. She was bed ridden and had to go to a care home for the elderly. Grandma was just not able to care for Granny’s needs at home any longer. I use to go to the care home to visit her. To me, she was a bit of a heroine having come across this great country in a wagon train. Then an even sadder day came. I heard that Granny had passed away. I will never forget her and she did not forget me. She had bought a necklace for me from a vendor who came through the care home. She told the family to give it to me. I still have it to this day and I’m an old woman now!

Every Easter Sunday our family and many friends met out in the countryside and had a get-together. The young adults and older teenagers had spied out the perfect place and camped there for the night. The rest of us arrived on Easter morning. Some of us came right after church. Grandma and Grandpa knew a lot of the ranchers and had asked permission to camp and have our get together on their property. Everyone brought yummy food and us kids brought the eggs we had colored. The adults hid the eggs for us and we had a memory making time of finding them. We always had a game of baseball in the nearest open area. The older folks like Granny, Grandma and Grandpa, sat under the shade of the oak trees and watched all of us younger adults and kids play ball.

Grandma and Grandpa’s next door neighbor was an elderly lady who was very sweet. She came too. She was the one who showed me how to take a particular weed that grew in the spring there among the other plants growing wild and make a mini pair of scissors. They looked like scissors even though they would never cut anything. I thought it was really a cool thing! I would hunt wildflowers and plants and make little bouquets. No wonder I grew up to love plants so much since I had so many good memories that include nature.

I have so many wonderful memories of my marvelous Grandparents and even though I don’t make scissors to play with anymore, like at our Easter gatherings, I now make teas, tinctures and more from wonderful wild and domestic plants. As I gather those plant friends, memories gather along with them of past days

Fear of the Enemy

Ps. 64: 1-2

Hear my voice, O God, in my prayer: preserve my life from fear of the enemy.

Hide me from the secret counsel of the wicked: from the insurrection of the workers of iniquity:”


Pray. Pray for our President. I think he may feel these verses. I know I do.

At the same time…WE MUST NOT FEAR. That is what the enemy wants. They can control us more if we are in fear. We cannot think clearly, if we are in fear.

Don’t fear those who can kill the body and not the soul. Fear Him who can kill both the body and soul.

The wicked one has many servants on this earth. They spy on us as well as the President. They can see us through the television. We watch something on it and they watch us. Oh, yes. That has been true for decades. I had a college professor tell the class about that many many years ago. They are much worse about it now days. I am getting older. If they were to do something to me, it probably wouldn’t make much difference. So, they may or may not toy with me a bit. But someone who makes a big impact like the President…please pray for him and those who are fighting along beside him to save our country. There are people in leadership who are lying to us. Look at the fruits. You can see how evil they are. Don’t listen to their words. They are worse than the virus. They are behind the virus. They are working with foreign entities, but within our country and around the world. Very many of them are hurting children and making money off from children who are being hurt. They will not fare well come eternity.

Pray for discernment. Who are the white hats? Who are the black hats? Look behind the scenes. What are their fruits? DON’T LISTEN TO THEIR WORDS. They lie.

Pray. Prayer




Can a Bird Be a Spirit?

Inside Edition did a short clip about a mother who had just buried her young son and was mourning him at his grave. A red breasted robin flew down to comfort her, even sitting on her foot.

At my mother’s funeral it was very cold out at that desert graveyard. A single dark bird circled around and watched us. Then it landed in the tree on a branch above my mother’s casket. It struck me that this was out of the ordinary and odd. I was mentioning it to my sister and one of my cousins overheard me. I was speaking about an Indian legend where the spirit of the dead can return in the form of a bird. My cousin said that what I was saying gave her goosebumps because at their Dad’s funereal the same thing happened…a single bird was there. The siblings had discussed how strange it was at that time.

I am a Christian and believe the Bible. I began to think upon the Scripture and what it said regarding this phenomenon. The Holy Spirit came down in the form of a bird…a dove, to be specific.

Somewhere I read that the women who had sex with the Son’s of God (angels) turned into Sirens when they died. Yes…I looked that up and it said it referred to a type of bird. The Scripture says the Son’s of God saw the daughters of man and thought them very beautiful. That is a whole other subject that I won’t get into here.

One very prominent belief is that the red cardinal is a spiritual door from heaven to earth. Many believe that when you have a beautiful red cardinal around you , it is the spirit of a loved one coming to visit you. I caught one trapped in our lunchroom at work one day and we took it outside and let it go. It came back. We think it had a nest somewhere near. I wonder which one of us it was visiting…and why… ha!

Speaking of strange bird happenings…someone gave me a statue of an ugly green bird. I had never seen a bird that looked like it. I just though it was sculpted out of someone’s imagination. I had set it out on my front porch in Kentucky. One day I walked out there and saw a bird laying dead in front of the statue. The dead bird was identical to the sculpture. I had a strange feeling, very very strange indeed. I threw away the statue. It was ugly anyway, but the whole situation was so strange that it almost frightened me. I have never seen that bird before or since. I can’t even find it in a bird book. What happened there? I have heard that finding a dead bird could mean that a chapter in your life is about to end. At the time, I did not know that. Funny thing, that is exactly what happened. My life took a very big turn. I’m not saying that the dead bird was the cause…its just a coincidence perhaps.

I really don’t know what to think about birds and spirits. There seems to be a connection. I guess that may be one of those questions I ask God when I enter eternity.

Prepper Meal

This is a recipe which I show on my You Tube vlog from: gails garden herbs and more. This was done in a collaboration with Rain Country and Mary’s Nest You Tube channels.

The items for this recipe are taken from my food storage. Its a good idea to rotate any stored food. Also, we need to know how to prepare it and be familiar with it in case of an emergency.

First I took some frozen chicken thighs (organic) and boiled them.

This recipe can also be a vegetarian recipe…just leave out the meat.

2 cups water (to re-constitute the dried veggies

1/2 cup water to mix into the dry soup mix and herbs

1/2 cup dried soup mix  (mine is a homemade cream of chicken dry soup mix)

1 herb packet (garlic & herbs)

1 teaspoon dried onion powder or 1/2 cup dried onions

hot pepper powder  (optional)  Don’t use much…just a dash

Approximately 1/3 cup each of dried veggies  (I had freeze dried corn and mushrooms), dried tomatoes, dried yellow zucchini—use what you have

Use about 3/4 pound of the twistie noodle package when cooking it.

May need to add a little more water to dry mix when mixing if it gets too thick while sitting.  Use approximately 1/2 cup of dry soup mix, your packet of herbs and any spices you desire. Mix together in a small bowl with the water and let sit.

De-bone your chicken and chunk it up. Add to pasta that is cooking. I use the chicken broth from cooking the chicken to cook the pasta in for more flavor.

After the pasta is mostly done, drain most of the water but leave some for the soup mix to thicken up. Add the reconstituted veggies and let cook a few minutes before adding the soup and herb mix.

Be Prepared

Grandma, bless her heart, always had canned goods in her little room behind the carport that was hooked to their little house. I can imagine when she was younger that she canned and put away a lot more. We all need to be of that mindset today, but have become complacent and depending upon the local markets or internet.

I know, sometimes,  it is hard to set money aside for anything extra, but it is possible. It is a mindset you have to encourage within yourself.

Buy an extra can of beans each payday…whatever you can do. Label on the can the date you bought it and rotate after you get quite a few stored.

Educate yourself on the local food supply and where to obtain it. Start a small garden and add to it as you can. Try your hand at canning. Start with easy things and grow upon your knowledge as time passes. Get a couple chickens for eggs…if possible. Start small so you do not overwhelm yourself.WP_20170613_17_20_32_Pro

Several years ago, my daughter lived in a very small place with the four of them. She cleaned out the top of their closet and stored extra supplies. I was shocked at how much she could stack up there.  I have taken the extra bedroom where I live, and have turned it into a pantry and a place for all my herbs that I process.  There are so many scenarios that could be applied. Use your brain and figure out what works for you.

I strongly suggest that we all be prepared more in this day and age.

1st batch of salsa

Have you really read this Verse?

John 3:8

“The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit.”

So, the wind blows…we can’t see it. The wind will move the leaves, but we can’t see the wind itself, we only see the movement made by it. Yes, it is true that God is much like that…but that is not what the verse said…the verse said …”so is every one that is born of the Spirit.” Hmmmm. Does this make you think?

I have never heard anyone speak on that fact…”so is every one that is born of the Spirit.” What does that mean?

The only thing I can come up with is that those who belong to the Lord and have passed into the spirit world are like the wind to us. We can’t see them, but they can move where ever they want. They can come and go, but we will not see them. Ahhhh, I know. That does not fit the narrative of what has been preached and taught over the years…but I have not heard another good explanation yet.

Hebrews 12:1

“Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us,”

Here it talks about a cloud of witnesses all around us. Who are they? The chapter before talks about those who have died and gone before us that were of faith. So, we are surrounded by those who belong to the Lord and have moved out of this plain into the spiritual realm. It seems as though they can see us, but we cannot see them… like the wind.

To me, that is encouraging. I know someday I will be right along with them. I also think that I am a bit embarrassed because they have seen my mistakes, as well. Many thoughts come to mind when I think about this subject.

Questions come to mind. They can see us? Apparently. Can they do things to make a difference in what happens in our realm like the wind? The wind moves and things move around it. To be honest, I don’t know. I do believe they are with Christ the moment they pass out of this world, but He is here, as well. Perhaps, they are here, too. We just can’t see them like we cannot see the wind.

What do you think? Do any other scriptures come to your mind on this subject? Let me know.