Searching for Love in the Holidays

It seems many people, have searched diligently for a love to fulfill the void within them. The holidays seem the worst time when you are alone. But you can get past this time. It is by facing the void and realizing how to deal with it. How can we deal with that void inside that almost seems an entity to itself?

Some have said we just need God in our life. Well, we do need God. Yet, He is the One who says through his writer that “two are better than one”. Jesus, Himself, said that some people do not have the gift of being single. Therefore, if you don’t have that gift, it seems you would have that void. We want to fill that void. That void’s desire is powerful. It can draw in depression; rob us of patience and more. But that overwhelming cry inside of us needs to be reigned in.

You need to rule over the power “the void” has. Make a conscious effort to win this battle. Enjoy love when it presents itself, if it is a lawful love and not stealing from someone else. If that love is unlawful, run from it. Run as far away as you can. Unlawful love can bring destruction. It will lie to you and make you think it was meant to be. But don’t stick around with it that long, because once it has its hold on you it won’t let go. What is unlawful love? You know the answer to that question.

Clean love can be wonderful. Embrace it for as long as you can. If it leaves you and your heart broken later, be thankful for the minutes it brought you fulfillment. Then shake the hurt off like a dog shaking water from its coat. Live life abundantly because life is too short to grieve for long.

In this life nothing is perfect. Sometimes we don’t have a specific person to share love with. If not, focus on giving love to others in as many ways as you can. It is not the same, but it really does help fill that void inside of you. The holidays is the perfect time to reach out to others.

God’s love is the only love that is true to the fullest extent. Not everyone wants to accept His love, which is their choice. I have found that His love quenches the thirst inside like no other. And yet, we, as humans, need the physical touch, as well. We need both to feel complete.


5 Mighty Medicines

“ ______, ______, _______, _______ and ________ are 5 powerful medicines and there are many more.”  Can you fill in the blanks?

Let’s see how many blanks you can guess as I proceed through this post.

In the first blank we find something that is used against MDR—TB and a whole long list of other pathogens. We actually use it almost daily (or should) because it makes a lot of food taste very good. While we are enjoying the taste advantage, we also gain other healthful benefits. It has a sister whose name begins with elephant. (Ha! that will either throw you off or give it away)

The second blank has a lot of therapeutic substances in it. It is actually good for burns and many other things. Some folk even use it in facials. Bears dip their paws into it and enjoy the taste. A host of tiny creatures make this.  Oh, man, bet you guessed that one!

The third blank can reduce the risk of colorectal cancer. The more you consume, the better it helps. (Try for the organic kind, of course)  There is an old saying that goes along with this one…  “an ______ a day keeps the doctor away”

The fourth has so many benefits that it would amaze you. Yet, we are being told by many to stay away from it. (Well, too much of anything is usually bad).  Yet this thing can help with Alzheimer’s disease, Depression, Multiple Sclerosis, Influenza and more. When we are exposed to this, it produces vitamin D in us. Can you guess yet?

Now, let us consider the last one but not the least item. This has become a recent favorite of mine because it has helped a bad physical problem I have. It is one of the most studied and documented. It has been scientifically acknowledged to have over 500 uses in ailments and usage.  It has been appreciated and used in the ancient healing arts of India. It makes a healthy and tasty drink that is golden in color.  It is a root. It is used in the making of mustard (but there is not enough in mustard by itself to be of much benefit medicinally).

One last clue…these medicines don’t line the pockets of the rich pharmaceutical companies.

Yes, there are powerful remedies we can use that do not have all the bad side effects. Can you fill in those blanks above and then use them to fill in some blanks in your own life?

*The introductory quote at the beginning of this article is from Sayer Ji, author, educator, a Board of Governor for the National Health Federation and more.




A Cool Walk

If the sidewalks and road are not icy, bundle up and get out there!
1383423287827If you live in the city, follow a bike trail or even traverse a sidewalk thru the suburbs. But for safety, be sure and take a friend.
If you live in the country, ramble down a well worn path.
Breathe deeply of the fresh air ( I especially love the smell of wood smoke from neighbors fireplaces).

Walks should involve a social aspect. Other people pass in their vehicles. Give them a wave and bright smile. You never know what difficulties they are going thru and you might brighten their day with your smile. Better yet, take a whole bunch of family and friends and walk through a flea market or somewhere.

Maybe there is no person who is able to walk with you today. Take your dog out for exercise. Every one of your senses will be exercised as well as your dog.

Your hearing will be employed as the birds sing a chorus (yes, some even sing in the winter).  Their melody floats along with the base instrument of the singing creek as it rolls along. The wind thru the trees is the percussion section of the outdoor orchestra you will hear.

A friend found this bird. Who knows what you may find.
A friend found this bird. Who knows what you may find.

So bundle up, or not, as the case may be, and hit the walking path!

Meet A Good Friend


Aloe Vera is one of my dearest friends.

It helps tame my gut of pain and mends.

When age leaves it’s wrinkles on my skin,

Aloe Vera comes to the rescue, it will win.

Your blood sugar it will help rule.

Aloe Vera is one of our garden’s health tools.


Sharmaine   (That’s me folks)

Aloe Vera
These are a few of my Aloe Vera plants. But the gel I drink is from Lilly of the Desert.


“The Arm of Flesh Will Fail…”

“The Arm of flesh will fail you.”  That quote is true in many aspects. Don’t depend on your mate, family or friends. That sounds harsh but they are only flesh and life is over-whelming at times. They might not want to leave you on your own. Yet, when pinch comes to shove, they will take care of their self first. And… something could happen to them and they may pass away before you.

Even you are made of flesh. So what can you do?  Don’t depend on doctors or the medical system. Listen to some of their ideas, but you have to make the final decision.

Another words, don’t be a sheep. sheepDon’t believe everything you hear. Think for yourself. Do research. Be prepared in whatever circumstance you are in. Even in small things. If you work away from home and need lunch, be prepared. Don’t depend on someone else getting it for you. Pack something to keep up your strength for the day. Then if someone can go get your lunch, fine. You can eat whatever tidbit you brought at a later time. In the same way, don’t let someone else tell you the best way to stay healthy. You can listen, compare, and use your own mind to decide.

Many years ago people used natural things to fortify themselves against disease. Usually we only hear of those who succumbed to illness. But in actuality there were many who made it through life healthy. And no, they all didn’t die before they were 40 years old. That is what I had heard. But diaries will tell you that was not so. Many people lived healthy lives into their 80s and older.

Now we are getting super bugs that won’t respond to our medicines. We are going to have to go back to the old paths that worked before modern medicine. V__A43F

Now days everything seems to be based on money. Pharmaceutical, medical and most everything is built on making money.

In the end our flesh will fail us too. It will wear out. But the flesh should not be where our hope is.  Our only real hope can be in Jesus Christ Who made a way for us to live forever.

Yummy Recipe for Iced Coffee With Herbs

I’m so excited! I kept experimenting until I found a combination of healthy goodies that made a good iced coffee. I was used to commercial bought frappes and iced mochas. Sugar has to go away because it is not friends of the human body. I couldn’t get that longed for taste until now.

First the coffee… use organic coffee beans. Ground only a few days worth at a time to keep it fresh. Make a little pot of that. But…add on top of the coffee grounds ground cardamom, coriander, cinnamon chips, and cloves. Use just a dash of each, especially be careful with the cardamom and cloves. If you get too much it could make it almost bitter. Experiment with the amount that suites you. Brew that up in your coffee maker. In the meantime, you can warm up a little herb tea or water and add a tablespoon of cacao powder. I try to use organic cacao, beans and spices. Also add stevia leaves that you have grown. Only warm this or too much heat will destroy the flavor of the stevia. You can use white powder stevia or liquid right into the coffee after its brewed if you would like. Then mix your combination together. Take some milk, coconut milk or whatever you choose and froth it in a bullet mixer or whatever you have. Then combine that with your coffee and add ice. I usually make my mixture the night before and keep it in the refrigerator. I don’t always froth the milk. I have used a coffee creamer in the past in it. But if you want to get away from sugar, then skip that and use milk with stevia.

My iced coffee at work. The ice cubes melted quite a bit here, but it still tasted good.


Excitement of the World of Plants and Herbs

Plants around my front steps

Its summer and the plants and herbs are beautiful!

Please answer this question: Is there anyone out there that is excited as I am about this?

Leave a comment and let me know all about what you are finding, experiencing or how you feel. Thanks.

I went hiking along a creek in the middle of nowhere and guess what I found?  Lemon Balm growing wild. It was so awesome to meet a familiar friend out there growing on its own. I don’t recall ever seeing it grow wild before. But then, maybe I wasn’t looking as much as I am now.

I am including a picture of my front steps in this post. I have herbs and plants there and all over! My little front patio is cozy with beautiful plants, flowers and herbs. I love taking my meals out to the table there to eat.

I am growing and harvesting some herbs I have never harvested before. Chamomile, Calendula and more.

My tomatoes are  in abundance. The leaves are as big as my hands and the vines have broke because they are so heavy with fruit.

My naughty chickens got into the tomatoes and ate the great big ones that we were watching to see how  big they would get. Oh, well, thankfully I still have some tomatoes to eat.

Not only do I grow real chickens, but I have the plants called Hen and Chicks.  Something destroyed my other ones, so someone gave me some more. I just planted them and came back outside when I saw my male chihuahua pulling them out and chewing on them. So I re-planted and put him back in the cage for awhile.

I’ve made and canned salsa, jams and syrup so far.


1st batch of salsa